Accessibility Overlays: The Fix Before A11y Transformation

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Making A11y fixes to your website can be daunting when other business priorities take over. A11y Overlays can be effectively used to manage risk.  

About Sachin Gupta:

Sachin is the Director of Development Services at Deque. He has almost 15 years of experience in technology development, leadership and management. Sachin has experience across multiple industries including financial services, retail, and telecom services. He has led various technology and services implementations. He is interested in all aspects of digital accessibility, including accessibility program management and document accessibility, and has given multiple talks in these areas. In addition to his work experience, Sachin has an MBA from the University of Iowa. Sachin is a believer in action oriented approach, and promotes small incremental changes that lead up to a larger goal. 


About Joshua McClure:

Josh helps organizations discover technical solutions to challenging business problems. During his career, he has worn many hats and played various parts on product engineering teams to help fill the gaps. Some of his roles include: developer, consultant, devops engineer, project manager, and sales engineer. Apart from work, Joshua enjoys making music, hiking, camping, and kicking back with his family.

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