Webinar: Why Accessibility is So Important for Native Mobile Apps

Decorative banner: person in mobile phone with a megaphone saying mobile accessibility with other mobile developers around him.

In 2021, global e-commerce on mobile devices reached $2.4 trillion. A majority of those transactions were completed through native mobile apps. People with disabilities, along with their friends and families account for 73% of the consumers who use these apps.

How confident are you that your mobile apps are accessible to people with disabilities? Are you failing to fulfill a moral imperative to provide equal access to all? Are you positioned to capture your share of mobile e-commerce spend from this massively underserved market?

It’s time to do more for native mobile accessibility. Attendees will:

  • Get the facts to build a business case for prioritizing native mobile accessibility
  • Learn how to fix native mobile accessibility issues from real-world examples
  • Better understand the user experience of an iOS VoiceOver screen reader

About the Presenters

Nitya Baddam: Indian women with short hair with a purple streak in it

Nitya Baddam - iOS Developer at Deque

Nitya is a native mobile software engineer specializing in iOS development at Deque. During the webinar, Nitya will talk about native mobile accessibility statistics and show how to fix real-world accessibility issues. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, drawing, or thinking up new ideas for the world around her.

Tim Harshbarger: Man with short hair wearing a grey polo

Tim Harshbarger - Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque

Tim is a Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque specializing in training. Tim has assisted project teams in making their applications accessible for more than 24 years. Tim is a blind VoiceOver user and will be demoing how to use an iOS app in this webinar.

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