Everything you need to know about VPAT!

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Over the past few weeks, there has been a spike in the number of enquiries around VPAT. The trend exhibits a common pattern of questions put forward to us by our clients that range from why do they need a VPAT to what should be included in a VPAT.

While VPAT is an essential aid in understanding the product’s accessibility conformance, it is imperative for all of those who are involved in producing VPAT’s, to understand why & what details go into the preparation of the document.

Mostly enterprise customers before procuring a digital product would like to review a VPAT document, if this situation resonates with you or your potential enterprise target account, please join this exclusive webinar on essential aspects of VPAT to build an in-depth understanding.

Join Sathish Kumar, Senior Consultant to dive into the world of VPAT where he shall cover the following topics:

  • What is VPAT?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Terminology that is used as part of VPAT
  • Applicable standards and best practices in writing VPAT
  • Interpreting a completed VPAT

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