Virtual Workshop: Translating Design Wireframes into Accessible HTML/CSS

This live, 2-day virtual workshop is no longer available.

For a pared down version, you can check out the on-demand Translating Design Wireframes into Accessible HTML/CSS webinar

Workshop Overview

The most efficient way to build accessible websites and apps is to “shift left” by incorporating accessibility testing into the earliest stages of your development and design process.

We will walk you through the process of analyzing a wireframe from an accessibility perspective, making coding decisions to optimize for accessibility, implementing that code, testing your code, and troubleshooting. 

This 2-day online workshop will take the form of a sprint in miniature. You will work with Deque experts to…

  • Learn which accessibility-specific annotations should be made for your wireframes
  • Turn those wireframes into requirements
  • Prioritize and assign tasks
  • Learn how to approach implementing accessible web components and the challenges you may face
  • Build the components
  • Test the components
  • Manage accessibility systematically

This will be a highly interactive workshop focused on giving you practical experience integrating accessibility into the design and development process and helping you build your accessibility problem solving skills. Each session will include a mid-point break and plenty of time for Q&A.


  • Tuesday, September 1st from 11:30am ET to 2:30pm ET
  • Wednesday, September 2nd from 11:30am ET to 2:30pm ET

Who is this workshop for?

Front-end developers and designers seeking practical accessibility skills that they can apply on the job. Attendees should be comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have a basic understanding of what accessibility is.

What hardware/software do you need? 

You will need a laptop with Chrome installed and a text editor.

About the team

Dylan Barrell

Dylan is the Chief Product Officer at Deque. He has almost 20 years of experience in technology development, technical sales, product management, product marketing, and corporate development. Dylan believes in building a barrier-free web by making it really easy for developers, quality assurance engineers and content writers to create accessible applications and content.

Harris Schneiderman

Harris is a web developer with a strong passion for digital equality. He works for Deque as the Principal UI Engineer building awesome web applications. When he is not at work, he still finds time to contribute to numerous open source projects.