Virtual Panel: Teleworking for People with Disabilities

In celebration of this year's Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), this virtual panel will discuss teleworking for people with disabilities.


  • Anne Forrest, Ph.D., has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading patient advocates for people with traumatic brain injury. She lives with persistent symptoms from a mild TBI that she received during a June 1997 car accident and continues to recover.
  • Tim Harshbarger, Accessibility Consultant at Deque. Tim has been visually impaired since a young age, he is very passionate about accessibility and believes it should be a part of the web development process.
  • Jamie Knight is a Senior Accessibility Specialist at BBC. Jamie enjoys mountain biking and is never seen far from his plush sidekick, Lion. Jamie's areas of expertise include accessibility, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Autism.
  • Mark Lasser (CPACC) joined Deque in 2019 and previously worked as a Senior Accessibility Specialist for Starbucks and as a Senior Director of Accessibility at Charter Communications. Mark graduated the Sanford Institute for Public Policy at Duke University and holds an MBA and an MS from the University of Colorado. 

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