Role of Automated Accessibility in CI/CD

Role of Automated Accessibility in CICD

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It’s a common misconception amongst development teams that web accessibility testing is a difficult and manual process that will slow down the CI/CD process. While some manual testing is required to achieve full accessibility compliance, automated testing can do a significant amount of work and save your development teams’ resources. 

Integrating automated accessibility testing in your CI/CD pipeline encourages learning, improves the quality of code, and encourages developers to be more aware of creating accessible content before it’s published.

By incorporating quality gates in strategic locations and taking advantage of free tools and technologies, your development team can promptly address and resolve accessibility issues as they arise. This approach enables them to effectively utilize automated accessibility results, leading to a more seamless and inclusive user experience. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Types of Accessibility Automated Testing
  • Strategies in CI/CD Environments
  • Quality gates and how to create effective quality gates
  • Demonstration of the above concepts on a GitHub repository.
  • Time for live Q&A

About the Speaker

Jai Prakash Rai - Team Lead - Dev Services, Deque

Jai's headshotJai is a versatile professional and wears multiple hats at Deque. He leads a dynamic customer-facing global development team of SDEs who are responsible for finding accessible solutions for customers’ accessibility needs. Jai’s expertise extends beyond development. As an accessibility coach, he advocates Accessibility Behavior Informed Development (a11yBID) which helps teams explicitly plan for accessibility, and embeds best practices of digital accessibility into each of the phases of the software development life cycle.

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