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About Deque

Forward thinking. Innovative solutions that automate Web accessibility compliance, reduce manual intervention, and provide flexible reporting. These are the hallmarks of the Worldspace Sync Accessibility Suite, Deque’s premier Web products and solutions.

deque block logoWhat’s in a name?

Deque is a C++ (programming language) data structure—a double-ended queue—offering great flexibility and performance. We’ll let our solutions speak for themselves!

Our values

Deque’s quality, accuracy, and thoroughness have earned us a trusted reputation with government agencies, educational institutions, small and mid-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies that subscribe to our products and services.

Our focus

Backed by unparalleled expertise and services, we eliminate the complexity of making your Web content compliant with legislation and standards such as:

  • the Disability Discrimination Act in the United States
  • the Japanese Industrial Standard Accessibility
  • the DDA UK
  • Canada Common Look and Feel