QA Vector Research: Delivering accessible experiences in the Finance industry

Embedding inclusivity at the core


Thumbnail of decorative report title pageThe four pillars of growing income, controlling operational costs, managing risk and meeting social justice obligations demand an effective digital accessibility strategy. Yet fewer than 30% of financial firms have clearly designated responsibility for delivering accessible experiences. 


To understand the state of accessibility across the top banks, insurers, Fintech firms and asset managers, QA Vector® analysts spoke to 26 Directors and C-Level executives in quality, accessibility, UX, risk and product across the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Singapore and India. Discussions with these senior executives encompassed overall digital accessibility maturity, future objectives, pragmatic concerns and lessons learned.

Based on these conversations, QA Vector® identified:

  • 70% of financials have no clear internal ownership of accessibility.
  • Over 50% of firms lack the understanding of how to execute accessibility and seek outside training and consultancy.
  • Attention to accessibility is often driven by litigation, but most struggle with where to begin. Just 25% of firms actively build accessibility into software development processes.

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