Automated Accessibility Testing with Attest for Android

Mobile Developers Can Now Download a Free Trial of Attest for Android to do Automated Accessibility Testing


This webinar is intended to teach developers how they can now trial Attest for Android for free and utilize the limited functionality framework in their own build. Our mobile accessibility expert, Chris McMeeking, will demonstrate how developers will now be able to trial Attest for Android simulator right on their desktops without having to request a demo.

Our tool is fueled by our powerful Android dedicated rule engine, which means our accessibility testing is able to find and sort through accessibility issues that do not need to be resolved manually - providing zero false positives and 100% accuracy. 

By downloading this free trial, developers will be able to:

  • Run Attest for Android on their application.
  • Save development time with analysis and debugging tools
  • Collaborate with screenshots that include View Information
  • View WCAG 2.0 AA violations in the interactive automated testing framework.
  • Learn accessibility best practices from the Deque Android pattern library rule sets examples.
Please note: This webinar is aimed at mobile developers and will require a basic knowledge of mobile development, UI testing, and how to set up different development environments. 

If you’re planning to join us for the Webinar…

We recommend that you download Attest for Android ahead of time so you can follow along with Chris.

  1. Get the free trial of Attest for Android

You can download the free trial of Attest for Android Mobile application integration test suit and play around with the framework before the webinar.

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