Applying Accessibility Heuristics to a Wireframe: Part 2

Join part two of our on-demand webinar as our experts apply four accessibility heuristics to an example wireframe.

Join Denis Boudreau and Aparna Pasi, two of our UX accessibility experts. They will walk you through the fundamentals of a design review process for accessibility, based on the set of accessibility-focused heuristics introduced in the previous webinar session.

In this webinar, you will learn about the following accessibility heuristics:

  • Language and readability: Content on the page can easily be read and understood by users of the system.
  • Error prevention and error states: Interactive controls (i.e. form elements, widgets, etc.) have persistent, meaningful instructions to help prevent mistakes, and provide users with clear error states which indicate what the problems are - and how to fix them - whenever errors are returned.
  • Predictability and consistency: The purpose of each element is predictable, and how each element relates to the system as a whole is clear and meaningful, to avoid confusion for the users.
  • Alternatives for visual and auditory content: Purely visual or auditory content that conveys information (i.e. images, icons, videos, notification sounds, etc.) has text-based alternatives for users who can’t see or hear.

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