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Whitepaper: Accessibility for the Mobile Market

Mobile Accessibility Is More Critical than Ever—Are You On Board?

Deque_2013_Mobile_Apps_offer.jpgThe market for mobile applications is exploding, but how does accessibility play into the new world of mobile-enhanced websites and apps? As more users with disabilities adopt mobile technologies, and mobile-related legal settlements increase, it’s critical to be mobile accessible.

Our whitepaper on Accessibility for the Mobile Market reveals:

  • How accessibility is different for mobile sites, content, and applications than it is for traditional use cases
  • The ROI and new opportunities that mobile accessibility offers to companies
  • How new technology can help make your current mobile applications accessible more quickly

Master mobile accessibility. Download the whitepaper today.

About Deque

Deque Systems is a web accessibility software and services company. Our quality, accuracy, and thoroughness have earned us a trusted reputation with government agencies, educational institutions, small and mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.