On-Demand Webinar: An Introduction to Screen Readers

Steve Sawczyn, former Solutions Architect at Deque Systems, demonstrates how he uses a screen reader to navigate the web. In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Steve provides developers, designers, business users or anyone new to digital accessibility a first-hand experience of how people who are visually impaired navigate the web. 

In this recorded webinar you will:

  • Experience a screen reader simulation first-hand
  • Understand how a screen reader navigates a web page
  • Hear how a screen reader announces the content on a page
  • Discover common design barriers that trap or make the web inaccessible to persons using assistive technologies
  • Learn an introduction to accessibility testing with screen readers
  • Hear some excellent Q&A


We hosted a follow-up Q&A session with Steve for those who missed our Intro to Screen Reader webinar. Our attendees came prepared with their broad user experience related questions or detailed code or accessibility testing related questions.