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Axe Accessibility Linter

Axe Linter is the easiest way for development teams to get started with accessibility testing. Shift left by automatically catching and fixing accessibility issues in your source code while you type.

It’s very easy to integrate into your existing processes and doesn’t require any accessibility expertise. Prevent rework down the line by leveraging the axe Linter as a safety net to catch source code accessibility issues. With one of our easy-to-setup and use integrations, you can be scanning for accessibility organization-wide in no time.

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Available Integrations:

  • GitHub action: Add axe Linter to your PR checks with the easy-to-use GitHub actions platform. The axe Linter GitHub action will scan any changed files for accessibility violations and open comments in the PR if any issues are found.
  • Git pre-commit hook: Want to catch accessibility issues as early in development as possible? Use the axe Linter Git pre-commit hook to make sure code isn’t checked in with accessibility issues.
  • Jenkins/SonarQube: Integrate axe Linter with SonarQube and display axe Linter issues alongside all your other code quality metrics.
  • VS Code: Install the axe Accessibility Linter plugin in VS Code to flag and fix accessibility issues while you code.
  • Other: If none of these integrations are for you, don’t worry! We’re expanding our available integrations all the time, and are happy to talk about how we can best support you.

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