Inclusive Design in Action: Harnessing Figma's Power with axe for Designers

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Inclusive Design in Action: Harnessing Figma's Power with axe for Designers

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Explore the realm of inclusive design and see how you can enhance your designs, making them accessible with Figma's Axe for Designers plugin. axe for Designers is a free Figma accessibility plugin featuring auto-scan, color contrast analysis, annotation backed by AI/ML algorithm, landmark identification, navigation insights, focused order evaluation, result-saving capabilities, and much more. Our experts will provide in-depth technical insights to help designers achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and accessibility.


  • Understanding Inclusive Design
    • Defining inclusive design and its importance
    • Recognizing the impact of design on user experience for diverse

  • The Power of axe for Designers Accessibility Plugin
    • Introduction to axe for designers and its role in ensuring accessibility
    • Demonstrating axe for Designers capabilities in identifying potential issues in design

  • Best Practices for Inclusive Design
    • Discussing design principles that promote inclusivity
    • Addressing common accessibility challenges and solutions in the
      design phase

  • Q&A Session
    • Engage with the audience, answer questions, and share insights
    • Encourage participants to share their experiences and learnings

About the Presenters

Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur - Senior Product Manager

Gaurav Thakur is an experienced Senior Product Manager in the field of Information Technology, with over 14 years of experience. He has a strong commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of product management.

As a leader, Gaurav has led cross-functional teams to develop cutting-edge solutions that align with the ever-changing IT landscape. He juggles diverse responsibilities to drive innovation and deliver impactful results.

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