Webinar: How to get the most out of the axe DevTools browser extension

How to get the most out of the axe DevTools browser extension.

Free, 1-hour webinar on Tuesday, December 14th from 1-2pm EST.

In this webinar, our tour guide Harris Schneiderman, Principal UI Developer at Deque, will demonstrate how to use the axe DevTools browser extension to find and fix accessibility issues. This demo will include some of the most powerful Free and Pro features and functionality.

Harris will begin by showing attendees the most popular and loved Free extension features including how to run full-page automated tests, view issue severity and descriptions, highlight and inspect the issues, and fix the issues with ‘more info’ remediation advice.

Harris will then show us how to get the most out of the extension with additional Pro functionality, including how to:

  • Answer simple questions about page content to find more accessibility issues with Intelligent Guided Tests (IGTs)
  • Test a particular component of your page
  • Save, export, and share issue results
  • Choose WCAG level and axe-core version and personalize other settings
  • Learn ‘What’s left to test’ after automated and all IGTs have been completed

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