Webinar: How to Find and Fix the Top 3 Accessibility Issues

Design and developer finding accessibility bugs

When your organization is just getting started with accessibility, it can be very difficult to know where to start. For organizations with an established accessibility program, there are still prioritization challenges. 

  • Should you prioritize the issues that occur the most? 
  • Should you prioritize issues that have the most impact on your users? 
  • Should you focus on fixing the issues that can be found and fixed with automated tooling to make the best use of your development resources? 

To all those very important questions, we say yes. If you’re not an expert, you probably let out a deep sigh. Don’t worry, in this webinar, we’ll break down the top 3 accessibility issues based on commonality, impact, and what can be easily found and fixed with the use of automated tools. 

We will focus on the following three categories of issues:

  1. Name, Role, Value (WCAG Success Criteria 4.1.2 - Missing role, state, or text for components)
  2. Info and Relationships (WCAG Success Criteria 1.3.1 - conveying information, structure, and relationships)
  3. Keyboard (WCAG Success Criteria 2.1.1 - all content operable through keyboard)

Our experts will:

  • Describe the issues above and what they mean
  • Cover how to prevent these issues in Design with accessibility annotations
  • Review how to find and fix these issues in Development with automated tools

About the Presenters

Sachin Gupta - Vice President of Product at Deque

headshot of SachinSachin is the Vice President of Product at Deque. He has more than 15 years of experience in product development, delivery, and management. He has also led various service delivery groups in multiple organizations removing roadblocks to services and software delivery while solving complex business problems. Sachin has worked with organizations across multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecom services. He is interested in all aspects of digital accessibility, including accessibility program management and document accessibility, and has given multiple talks in these areas. Sachin received an MBA from the University of Iowa and lives by the motto of ‘Incremental Actions Bring Monumental Results’.

Harris Schneiderman - Senior Product Manager at Deque

Headshot of Harris wearing sunglassesHarris Schneiderman is a web developer with a strong passion for digital equality. He works at Deque Systems as the Senior Product Manager of axe DevTools building awesome web applications. He wrote Cauldron (Deque's pattern library), Dragon Drop, and is the lead developer on axe DevTools Pro. When he is not at work, he still finds time to contribute to numerous open-source projects.

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