Higher Education Accessibility Kit

Jumpstart your EDU's accessibility practices during COVID-19.

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6-Month Free Trial of Document Accessibility Fundamental Package on Deque University

This curriculum package includes the following courses:

  • Accessibility Fundamentals: Disabilities, Guidelines, and Laws
  • Basic Web and Document Accessibility for Content Contributors
  • MS Word Accessibility
  • MS Excel Accessibility
  • InDesign Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility Basic
  • PDF Accessibility Advanced
  • EPUB Accessibility

Axe: Free Automated Accessibility Testing

Axe is a free, open source rules library for accessibility testing. It was developed to empower developers to take automated accessibility testing into their own hands and to avoid common pitfalls of other automated accessibility tools. Download the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox or watch the intro video for a different learning experience.

Free Webinar: How to Act and Understand Accessibility Right Now

People with disabilities make up 26% of the US population. If your digital presence is inaccessible, they may not have any way to access your goods and services. There has never been a more crucial time to make your digital properties accessible, while COVID-19 continues to physically isolate us all. 

In this webinar, Deque's experts will cover what it takes to make essential business functionality accessible to all and what it takes to make a difference right now. 

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