GAAD 2022: Virtual Accessibility Awareness Lab

This webinar has concluded and registration is closed.

How do people with disabilities use computers or navigate websites? What tools do they use? How does it work? What is it like? Deque's Accessibility Awareness Lab helps teams understand how people with disabilities experience and use technology.

In celebration of this year's Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Deque offered a free virtual Accessibility Awareness Lab. Attendees developed insight, empathy, understanding, and inspiration to work in new, more accessible ways. Our speakers discussed:

  • Define Digital Accessibility on the web
  • Demonstrate the use of a screen reader to access the web
  • Provide ideas on how you can make the web more accessible

About the Speakers

Tim Harshbarger

headshot of Tim HarshbargerTim is a Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque specializing in training. Tim has assisted project teams in making their applications accessible for over 24 years. He spent most of that time with a Fortune 30 company before joining Deque.


Michael Harshbarger

michael harshbarger headshotMichael is an Accessibility Instructor and a Project Manager for Deque’s Training team. He worked for 20+ years in IT for a Fortune 40 company as a Developer, Project Manager, and Program Manager. For Michael, accessibility is both a professional and personal passion. He has seen Accessibility work through the experience of his brother and two of his children.