GAAD 2022: Accessibility Fundamentals Bootcamp

This webinar has concluded and registration is closed.

In celebration of this year's Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Deque offered an Accessibility Fundamentals Bootcamp training for free. 

This training provided an overview of basic accessibility concepts, such as why digital inclusion matters and how people with disabilities use the Web. Through this training, participants developed a better understanding of how disabilities affect a person’s experience online, as well as a high-level introduction to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG).

This training was intended for all audiences; including policymakers, management, content creators, developers, designers, testers, and everything in-between.

Topics included:

  • Accessibility considerations & inclusive design
  • Why accessibility matters
  • How people with disabilities use the web
  • Assistive Technologies and context of use
  • Statistics, laws, and more!
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, v2.1
  • Role-based accessibility practices and the shift-left approach

About the Speakers

Tim Harshbarger

headshot of Tim HarshbargerTim is a Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque specializing in training. Tim has assisted project teams in making their applications accessible for over 24 years. He spent most of that time with a Fortune 30 company before joining Deque.


Michael Harshbarger

michael harshbarger headshotMichael is an Accessibility Instructor and a Project Manager for Deque’s Training team. He worked for 20+ years in IT for a Fortune 40 company as a Developer, Project Manager, and Program Manager. For Michael, accessibility is both a professional and personal passion. He has seen Accessibility work through the experience of his brother and two of his children.