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Deque's solutions take the guesswork out of digital accessibility.

We take our leadership role seriously – our audits, our software tools, and our commitment to helping advance digital accessibility.

Let us help you make your website and mobile apps accessible. We can help you get it right the first time, even if you have never done it before. And when you are ready, your development teams can use our products and take Deque University Courses so they can build and maintain accessible websites and mobile apps on their own.

The leader in accessibility solutions, services and training

We automate more accessibility testing than any other company. Our axe tools are the industry standard for accessibility testing, trusted by Google, Microsoft, and Fortune 500 development teams globally.

Partner with us to leverage our expertise for your accessibility program and we’ll help you accelerate your accessibility journey to meet your European Accessibility Act, UK Consumer Duty or other compliance goals.

  • 125 IAAP certifications held by Deque experts 
  • 875,000+ installed Deque extensions 
  • 140,000+ subscribers to Deque University 
  • 5,000+ accessibility audits completed 

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