Opening Doors: Improving Digital Accessibility in Housing Industries


Understanding the value and benefits of digital accessibility for housing processes

On-Demand Webinar Transcript Available

Webinar recording of live stream is not available due to technical difficulties during the live event.

Explore the ways in which the housing industry can focus on improvements for the entire experience of acquiring housing—from buying or renting a home or apartment, to financing a home, or building your own home—through a firsthand account of a person with unique abilities.

Read through the transcript of the webinar to discover the importance and impact of digital accessibility through processes related to housing including: leasing an apartment or home, financing the purchase of a home, building a new home, and more. This webinar is valuable for:

  • Property management companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Financial services organizations
  • Home building vendors and suppliers
  • Any business or person working with customers to support home ownership and leasing

About the Presenters

Headshot of PatrickPatrick Sturdivant - Vice President and Principal Strategy Consultant

Patrick Sturdivant is Vice President and Principal Strategy Consultant at Deque Systems. Patrick has worked in information technology for over 30 years. An experienced software engineer who is blind, Patrick deeply understands the technical challenges our customers and the disabled community face when it comes to accessibility. Coupled with his testing, team building, training and DE&I strengths, Patrick is a consulting force to be reckoned with. Patrick’s accomplishments include establishing accessibility lab and disability employee resource groups, holding US Patents for several bank products designed for the blind, and influencing accessibility at all levels of an organization’s business and technical teams.

Headshot of MatthewMatthew Luken - Vice President and Principal Strategy Consultant

Matthew Luken is a Vice President & Principal Strategy Consultant at Deque. Prior to Deque, Matthew built and ran U.S. Bank’s enterprise-level digital accessibility program.  In his user experience and service design backgrounds, Matthew worked with over 275 brands around the world, covering every vertical and category. He continues to teach User Experience, Service Design and Digital Accessibility at the college-level, as well as mentor new digital designers through several different mentorship programs around the USA.

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