Customer Service for People with Disabilities

Great customer service focuses on making each customer feel welcome and respected. Happy customers feel that their needs are met in a reliable and effective way.

Customers with disabilities are simply: customers. They may have different ways of communicating with you or performing tasks, various tools to assist them, and certain adjustments or accommodations to help them do things with greater ease. You may also do things a little bit differently when interacting with customers with disabilities. But the heart of the interaction is unchanged: customers come to you for services, and your job is to help them.

This webinar will provide you with the information you need to deliver a great customer service experience. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify etiquette principles for respectful interactions.
  • Recognize appropriate language to use.
  • Effectively and respectfully respond when you are approached by customers with different types of disabilities.
  • Develop strategies for providing equal access to customers with disabilities.
  • Identify strategies and auxiliary aids for effective communication.

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