Customer Obsession and Accessibility: Learn how Intuit integrates axe testing tools to empower designers and developers at every stage

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Webinar recording now available on-demand.

Watch the webinar recording on "Customer Obsession and Accessibility" with Ted Drake, Global Accessibility Leader at Intuit.

In the webinar, find out how Intuit delivers an accessible user experience to their customers and how Intuit’s designers and developers equip axe tools to build accessible experiences. 

Tune in to hear Ted discuss:

  • Intuit’s philosophy and approach towards accessibility
  • How a focus on customer experience drives passion for accessibility
  • Improving the customer experience through accessibility
  • axe tools and the standardization of the accessibility testing

Photo of Ted DrakeAbout Ted Drake: Ted Drake is an experienced engineer, developer evangelist, and accessibility expert. Ted leads the accessibility efforts for Intuit's desktop, web, and mobile products. He is the co-founder of Intuit’s Special Needs and Abilities network for employees and promotes Intuit’s diversity in hiring programs. Prior to Intuit, Ted co-founded the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab and worked on some of Yahoo’s largest web sites.

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