What's new in axe

Wilco Fiers and Chris McMeeking outline the significant changes made to axe over the course of 2019. Changes to intelligent guided testing, Android, iOS, and more will be explored in detail. Plans for axe development across 2020 will also be shared.  

About Wilco Fiers:

Headshot of WilcoWilco is a developer on and the product owner of axe-core and Attest HTML. He is the chair of the ACT Rules community group and of the W3C’s ACT Task Force. Based in The Netherlands, Wilco is leading Deque’s contribution in the EU funded WAI-Tools project.



About: Chris McMeeking:

Headshot of Chris

Chris McMeeking is a software engineer and architect at Deque Systems, leading development efforts on Deque’s native mobile accessibility analysis products. His journey in accessibility began through a project at the University of Michigan, The ASK Scanning Keyboard. This application won multiple awards including the $100,000 Intel Innovator’s Award, runner up at the Mobile World Congress, and the Student of Da Vinci award from the Multiple Sclerosis foundation. Chris is the lead developer behind the Android Analyzer, and an active member of the task force developing these new accessibility mobile standards.


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