Creating Sustainable Mobile Accessibility Programs


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Join U.S. Bank accessibility experts in a discussion about the success of their native mobile accessibility program. Attendees will learn about; how native mobile accessibility differs from web accessibility, the importance of having dedicated mobile support and what a sustainable mobile accessibility strategy and policy looks like at a large financial institution.

Our Speakers

Derrin Evers: Derrin is an Associate Director Accessibility Experience Strategy and Engagement Lead at U.S. Bank.

Julian Kittelson-Aldred: Julian is a digital accessibility consultant at U.S. Bank, focused on native mobile (iOS and Android)She has been an inclusion advocate for most of her life, growing up immersed in the disability communityJulian combines deep empathy, understanding of user needs, and technical knowledge as she works with cross-functional teams to create exceptional digital experiences. She believes that inclusivity is the way forward to build a better world and a better Web for everyone. 

Chris McMeeking: Chris is a software engineer and architect at Deque Systems, leading development efforts on Deque’s native mobile accessibility analysis products. His journey in accessibility began through a project at the University of Michigan, The ASK Scanning Keyboard. This application won multiple awards including the $100,000 Intel Innovator’s Award, runner up at the Mobile World Congress, and the Student of Da Vinci award from the Multiple Sclerosis foundation. Chris is the lead developer behind the Android Analyzer, and an active member of the task force developing these new accessibility mobile standards.

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