Inclusive & Universal: 2 Sides of the Same Design Coin?

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Are universal and inclusive design the same thing? And how do they relate to accessibility? Join the discussion to frame this once and for all.   

About Denis Boudreau:

Denis is a Principal Web Accessibility Consultant and currently acts as Deque’s training lead. He actively participates in the W3C, the international body that writes web accessibility standards, as a member of the Education and Outreach Working Group, where he leads the development of a framework to break down accessibility responsibilities by roles in the development lifecycle. He is also involved in the Silver TaskForce, where he contributes to the development of the W3C’s next generation of accessibility standards.

About: Aparna Pasi 

Aparna is Deque's Accessibility Team Lead. In addition to leading accessibility service projects, Aparna works on creating accessibility measures for great user experience, designing accessibility standards and preaching the same.

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