Intro to Agile Accessibility

In a lot of ways, accessibility is talked about and practiced as if it is a hydra dragon. Every time you think you’ve made an improvement, you cut off one head of the accessibility dragon and two heads grow back. In particular, there are a lot of myths out there that you can’t do accessibility in an agile development environment.

A lot of that stems from accessibility being thought of as something you do manually, and also often only as user acceptance testing or usability testing. And while that’s an important part of accessibility, there is much more you can do to integrate accessibility into your agile processes to produce accessible products. 

In this webinar, Deque's CTO, Dylan Barrell, will cover how to practice agile accessibility.

About Dylan Barrell:

Headshot of DylanDylan is the Chief Product Officer at Deque. He has almost 20 years of experience in technology development, technical sales, product management, product marketing, and corporate development. Dylan founded a startup in 1989 that was acquired. He then went public with OpenText and helped grow revenues to over $400 million. He later led the effort to create a digital center within a Borders store and to begin the transition from purely physical products to digital and physical product mix delivered in a cross channel online and in-store way. In addition to his work experience, Dylan has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS from the University of the Witwatersrand. Dylan believes in leading through action to create value for shareholders and the community.


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