Accessibility Monitoring and Benchmarking

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The critical user flows of your web applications is where the majority of your accessibility risk resides. If you can detect negative changes to these flows early, you can take steps to deal with the risk. Find out how your team can build accessibility testing robots and dashboards to monitor these critical user flows.

About Sachin Gupta

Sachin is the Director of Development Services at Deque. He has almost 15 years of experience in technology development, leadership and management. Sachin has experience across multiple industries including financial services, retail, and telecom services. He has led various technology and services implementations. He is interested in all aspects of digital accessibility, including accessibility program management and document accessibility, and has given multiple talks in these areas. In addition to his work experience, Sachin has an MBA from the University of Iowa. Sachin is a believer in action oriented approach, and promotes small incremental changes that lead up to a larger goal. 

About Mark Steadman

Mark is an accessibility developer services consultant at Deque. Mark has been working in the accessibility field for 4 years now. He is extremely passionate about the work that he does and strives to make all content on the web/mobile accessible for all. Mark's main focus is researching single-page applications (EmberJS, ReactJS), how accessibility affects them, and how to remedy the issues that are in the frameworks.

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Ensure your digital content becomes and remains accessible. Request a demo of axe Monitor to see how you can dynamically scan, monitor, and report on accessibility.