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Countdown to enforcement 2025: Navigating the European Accessibility Act

Recording now available

You’re invited to a session on the European Accessibility Act (EAA). Our guest, Otto Sleeking, a technology and data lawyer with the international law firm Taylor Wessing, will join Deque experts Wilco Fiers, Matthew Luken, and Derrin Evers to answer pressing questions such as:

  • What is the extent and applicability of the EAA?
  • What are the crucial timelines?
  • What are the implications of the “disproportionate burden” clause?
  • What penalties could businesses face?
  • What practical strategies for EAA compliance can businesses adopt?
  • How can you build your EAA compliance blueprint with Deque?

This free, one-hour event is ideal for policymakers, management, content creators, developers, designers, testers, and anyone eager to learn about EAA compliance. We’ll reserve 15 minutes at the end for a live Q&A. The webinar will be recorded and sent to all registrants.

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EU's pioneering digital accessibility law

On June 28, 2025, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) becomes national law across all 27 European Union (EU) member states. Any organization operating within or selling to the EU will be required to integrate accessibility into their product and service offerings. Industries spanning e-commerce to banking stand to be impacted significantly.

Now is the ideal time to start building your organization’s EAA compliance blueprint.

Watch this session to:

  • Identify key deadlines
  • Understand the “disproportionate burden” clause
  • Get clear on enforcement and penalties
  • Learn how you can partner with Deque on EAA compliance

About the presenters

Otto Sleeking

Otto Sleeking

Attorney, Partner Taylor Wessing

Otto Sleeking is a Technology and Data lawyer with the international law firm Taylor Wessing. He advises a wide variety of international clients on a strategic level, and supports businesses with implementing new EU legislation and digital transformation. His core focus is where law meets technology, whether it be IT transformation projects, adoption of new technology or GDPR compliance.

Wilco Fiers

Wilco Fiers

Senior Accessibility Engineer & W3C Facilitator

Wilco is a developer on and the product owner of axe-core and axe DevTools. He is the project manager for WCAG 3.0 and the facilitator of the W3C’s ACT Task Force. Based in The Netherlands, Wilco is leading Deque’s contribution in the EU-funded WAI-Tools project.

Derrin Evers

Derrin Evers

Senior Solution Consultant

Derrin is a Senior Solution Consultant at Deque Europe. Derrin’s background and experience spans from design to development, small agencies to large enterprises, and public sector to private business from North America to Europe. With the professional goal to promote positive change within software development through digital accessibility, Derrin helps Deque customers discover, plan, and realize their potential through strategic and technical support across the software development lifecycle.

Matthew Luken

Matthew Luken

VP and Principal Strategy Consultant

Matthew Luken is a Vice President & Principal Strategy Consultant at Deque. Prior to Deque, Matthew built and ran U.S. Bank’s enterprise-level digital accessibility program. In his user experience and service design backgrounds, Matthew worked with over 275 brands around the world, covering every vertical and category. He continues to teach User Experience, Service Design and Digital Accessibility at the college-level, as well as mentor new digital designers through several different mentorship programs around the USA.