Accessible Edtech: How Clever made accessibility changes that impact millions of K-12 students

Image containing the headshots of James Reffell and Anthony Fumagalli from Clever.

Watch the webinar below for a discussion with James Reffell, Director of Design, and Anthony Fumagalli, Software Engineer, at Clever.

Gain insight into how Clever, the most widely used SSO platform for K-12 education, undertook accessibility changes that impacted millions of students, teachers and administrators country-wide.

Tune in to hear James and Anthony discuss:  

  • Clever's commitment to accessibility
  • How Clever took action after an initial assessment
  • The remediation process and how fixes were implemented
  • Future plans on how to continue to improve the user experience

About Clever: Clever is on a mission to unlock new ways to learn for all students. Already used by more than 55% of U.S. K-12 schools, Clever brings all applications into one secure portal and provides single sign-on for everyone in the district. With the leading network of digital learning providers, Clever makes school more engaging, personalized, and fun. Founded by educators and technologists passionate about improving education, Clever is based in San Francisco, California. For more information visit

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