New Digital ACA Regulations Are In Effect. Is Your Website Compliant? 

Meet Canadian Digital & Web Accessibility Requirements

For many Canadian websites, accessibility is now a requirement, not a choice. Noncompliance with new standards puts you at risk for hefty penalties. 

Ensure your website complies with ACA and AODA with our accessibility audit. IAAP-certified experts and AI-powered tools uncover exactly where your site needs improvement, explain the impact of each issue, and guide you through remediation. 

We’ve helped thousands of companies meet their accessibility requirements. Get a free consultation today. 

  • Get proof of compliance for Canadian regulations   
  • Uncover ACA violations and understand their impact 
  • Prioritize which issues to address and quickly reach compliance
  • Partner with industry pros to build and execute a remediation plan
  • Advance your accessibility and make your website usable for everyone

Testimonial from Simon Taghioff, Product Manager, Articulate that says'Deque gave us insight into what our accessibility issues really were, their impact, and severity. The audit helped us to not only understand but to prioritize our work moving forward.'

Get proof of compliance and report your progress 

To meet regulatory requirements, you need proof of digital accessibility. Our audits provide all the documentation you need to meet relevant standards and avoid penalties. 

Accessible Canadians Act (ACA)

To ensure all members of society have equal access to services, the Accessible Canadians Act demands that all federally regulated employers meet WCAG accessibility standards. You’ll also need to publish an accessibility plan and update it every three years. 

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) 

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requires that government entities, businesses, and non-profits commit to digital accessibility and report progress every two to three years. 

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses meet ACA and AODA requirements over the years. Our audit includes all the required documentation and data to report your progress and build your accessibility plan. 

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A proven methodology built by industry experts

Microsoft, Bing, and Adobe trust our axe tools because they’re the industry standard for accessibility testing. We run more tests than any other organization. 

Based on 20+ years of experience, our methodology is the surest way to reach your accessibility goals. 

  • 125 IAAP certifications held by Deque experts 
  • 875,000+ installed Deque extensions 
  • 140,000+ subscribers to Deque University 
  • 5,000+ accessibility audits completed 

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