Build vs. Buy: Automated Accessibility Tools

When it comes to automated accessibility tools, there are a lot of great open source, free tools in the wild. For example, Deque’s very own axe. Axe is a browser extension, but it also an accessibility rules library. Some organizations will use the open source libraries in their testing efforts but they have to deal with differences between the libraries in functionality and support. 

Building their own functionality is an option, but supporting this for all the frameworks and languages required by all their development teams can become a challenge. Especially when it comes to reporting, custom rules and consistency between the browser extension and the APIs.  

While a “DIY” solution like this is a great way to get started with accessibility, there comes a time when an enterprise solution is the more cost-effective and sustainable solution.

In this live webinar, our presenters will review why in some cases it’s better to buy vs. build your own accessibility solution. They will review:

  • The time, resources, and effort it takes to support and maintain a “built” solution
  • How a “bought” solution can put you at a better starting point to address accessibility
  • Features in “bought” solutions such as html reporting, dashboards, supported out of the box bindings, and custom rules. 

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