aXe hackathon - Deque India celebrates GAAD 2018 on May 17th at Hyderabad

Intent - Awareness on integrating FREE Accessibility API aXe into your framework(s)

Are you,

  • As a business leader, willing to implement Accessibility in a cost effective way?
  • As a project/product manager, thinking to improve productivity of your team by reducing cycles of accessibility testing?
  • As a Quality Assurance engineer, thinking to automate test cases and reduce the effort of manual testing?
  • As a developer, looking for automation tools and APIs while unit testing?

We have a simple answer for all of these. It is our aXe. Many organizations are benefiting from this free accessibility rule engine API, open sourced by Deque. 

On this Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on May 17th 2018, we would love to assist you in integrating this API with your frameworks and make you more productive during your product development phases.

We have many integration examples (example: Jenkins, Selenium Java, Mocha, .Net, QUnit) that inspire you to make your own platforms ready for automated accessibility testing. 

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