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Deque University is offering a new AI tool and automated consultant, axe Adviser. It is fully trained on Deque University's vast resources and able to provide the most reliable accessibility answers, 24/7.

Want to experience natural language conversation with an automated accessibility expert to gain all of the knowledge and wisdom contained in Deque Univeristy's instructional content? Here's how you can get preview access to axe Adviser:

  • Do you have a group, team, corporate, or enterprise Deque U account? Submit your info in the form to get on the list for preview access to axe Adviser.
  • Do you have an individual Deque U account? Submit your info in the form to get notified when it's available to everyone.
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Understand more of what axe Adviser can do 

Deque University is the authoritative source for accurate, up-to-date accessibility information. Now, axe Adviser, is the authoritative voice of Deque U. Here are some highlights of what it can do:

  • Have an expert Deque consultant available at your fingertips, 24/7
  • Parse HTML and give feedback on potential accessibility problems in a conversational way.
  • Generate basic accessible HTML markup, e.g. "give me an example of a text input with a label"
  • Give best-practice advice on certain non-normative topics that are not fully covered by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)