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Feeling like accessibility tools just don't fit your development process?

  • Confused about how to even fix issues once you find them?
  • Are you frustrated by the cost and effort of accessibility testing?
  • Frustrated by inconsistent results from different tools?
  • Getting issue tickets weeks or months after writing the code?

Register to download this automated accessibility testing solution for Android developers. Use it to make your Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps accessible.

ƒAttest for Android is available to try for free on the App Store. Download it to get started and try the various developer tools as well as Free color contrast analysis. The examples in this repository help document what our rules do. Additionally, the repository itself is a collection of examples that show accessible and inaccessible Android components.

NOTE: The version of the product you will fetch is functionally limited. You will get reports from every rule on the number of violations, but will only get debugging information for the Color Contrast rule. Contact a Deque representative if you're interested in licensing Attest for Android and gaining access to this information for the other rules.

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