Angular and Accessibility Webinar

The trend of web development is heading in the direction of JavaScript frameworks and libraries to build single-page apps (SPAs). With this new trend, in turn, comes a whole new set of web accessibility concerns. 

Angular is no stranger to the accessibility concerns that come with it being a javascript framework. In fact, Angular has become one of the most popular of the javascript frameworks. It is a powerful and robust javascript framework with the ability to create complex websites.

While Angular is powerful and robust, developers still need to be aware of the accessibility issues that could be created while using this framework. While the approach and key concerns are largely the same in Angular as with other web content when trying to meet WCAG standards, it is important to understand the key accessibility issues that exist within Angular.

In this on-demand webinar, Mark Steadman and Taylor Richards will cover some tips and tricks that can help you achieve the most accessible Angular application possible!

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