Webinar: Key Practices to Achieve Agile Accessibility Transformation

Illustration of a runner who is blind running next to a guide runner. The words, Key Practices for Agile Accessibility Transformation sit above a looping arrow with an accessibility symbol inside.

Webinar now available on-demand.

Watch the "Key Practices for Agile Accessibility Transformation" webinar, hosted by Dylan Barrell (CTO, Deque) and Greg Willliams (Customer Success, Accessibility Program Operations, & Developer Services, Deque).

In the webinar, Dylan and Greg describe the Key Transformation Practices outlined in the Agile Accessibility Handbook*. The hosts provide examples on how to use each practice to help your organization achieve a sustainable and effective agile accessibility transformation.

The Key Transformation Practices that are explored include: 

  • Build your Central Team
  • Give the teams accessibility coaches
  • Report on your transformation
  • Get executive buy-in

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