Webinar: Where Accessibility Champions Can Find the Time & Knowledge They Need to Succeed

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Every successful accessibility program relies on five foundational elements of accessibility:

  1. The inclination to practice accessibility
  2. The time to practice accessibility
  3. The knowledge to practice accessibility
  4. The automation and tools to practice accessibility
  5. The availability of expert resources for future changes

In the first part of this webinar series, we covered the first foundational element to fostering accessibility across an organization: the inclination to practice accessibility.

In this webinar, we’ll cover principles #2 and #3: the time to practice accessibility and the knowledge to practice accessibility.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How investing time in design exponentially saves time and resources for your development and QA teams
  • How much time to plan for accessibility in your development cycles to help with program analysis and road mapping
  • Types of training for everyone who impacts accessibility (developers, designers, QA, product owners, etc.)

About the Presenter

Greg Williams - Vice President & Chief Program Architect at Deque

GW headshotGreg Williams is the Vice President & Chief Program Architect at Deque Systems, Inc. He oversees program development and operations for some of Deque’s largest customers, helping them to build mature, sustainable accessibility programs.

Prior to joining Deque, Greg spent more than 30 years in the information technology field focusing on large, complex program operations for Fortune 40 companies, and before that served in the United States Navy for a number of years. He had great success as the founder and owner of the Digital Accessibility Program Office for State Farm Insurance, building their practice from the ground up into one of the highest maturity level programs in the world between 2013 and 2018.

Greg has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion and has extended this passion to the disability and accessibility community - joining Deque Systems in 2018 to help launch and mature similarly successful programs across the globe.

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