Accessibility Everywhere T-Shirt Entry

1 billion, emphasizing the 3 commas

Celebrate axe-core reaching 1 billion downloads - that's 3 commas worth of digital accessibility!

A navy t-shirt with 3 large white commas and the text Accessibility Everywhere underneath. The sleeve reads 1,000,000,000 axe-core downloads.

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The axe-core accessibility testing rules library has reached heights we never expected. Downloaded now over 1 billion times around the globe, axe-core has enabled accessibility champions to find and remove countless barriers from the web. This is a moment in history worth celebrating. We're shipping hundreds of this "3 Commas - Accessibility Everywhere" shirt to lucky registrants for free. 

Thank you for practicing digital accessibility and continuing to improve the web for all.

*Entries must be submitted before December 31st to be eligible to win.



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