Build understanding with an Accessibility Awareness Lab

An immersive accessibility learning experience for your entire team

People with disabilities experience technology in ways that many people without those disabilities can't even imagine. Learning about those experiences and interacting with real assistive technology first-hand can provide the "lightbulb" moment that will motivate your team to make accessibility a reality.

How the Accessibility Awareness Lab works:

  • Our Awareness Lab is an on-site, interactive learning experience lead by Deque Experts.
  • Attendees will make their way through multiple stations, each representing a specific type of disability or assistive technology.
  • Your team will get to observe or interact with a wide variety of assistive technologies to learn how these technologies function and experience innovative accessibility solutions.
  • They will also get a chance to speak with people with disabilities and learn more about accessibility needs from the people who have to negotiate these challenges as part of their daily life.

Through the Accessibility Awareness Lab, your team will not only develop insight into the experiences of users with disabilities but will also be inspired to think about their work in new, more accessible ways.

Here's a sneak peek of the Awareness Lab in action...

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