What Apollo 11 Can Teach Us about Accessibility

Moving forward with accessibility is about a vision, understanding the costs, driving dates and milestones, taking risks, getting the right people involved, and recognizing success.  

About Michael Harshbarger:

Michael worked for a Fortune 40 company in Information Technology for twenty-two years with thirteen years in project leadership. It helped him understand the need to deliver value and return on investment to the customer quickly. His goal is for his clients to have the best experience while learning more about accessibility. His passion for accessibility comes from experiencing its importance through his brother, his oldest daughter, and youngest son.

About: Jim Lee

Jim has 20 years of experience in the IT space of a Fortune 40 company. He spent 6 of those years standing up an Accessibility Program Office accountable for the digital accessibility of the entire enterprise. His current role at Deque is as an accessibility program office consultant where his main focus is helping clients build and mature digital accessibility programs that can support large enterprises while being cost-effect, sustainable, and measurable.

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